November 30, 2021


Ring the leader early rather than late, or you might miss out. Please ring by Thursday 2.00 pm for the following weekend (both one day and two day walks) so the leader has time to arrange transport.
Activities are usually limited to 16 participants, unless a smaller number is advertised in the program. Leaders are encouraged to set an appropiate limit based on the conservation values of the area to be visited, and the safety of the party for the expected conditions.

Please be specific if the leader asks about your walking experience. Check with the leader about the need to carry water, tents/flys, appropriate clothing, suitable foot-wear, purchasing maps, etc. Ask questions especially if you are new to club walking.

Members are reminded that bookings normally close at 2 pm on Thursday.



(S) Short – under 12km/day.
(M) Medium – 12-20km/day.
(L) Long – over 20km/day.

NB: In calculating distance, 1 km is added for every 100 metres climbed.


(E) Easy – firetrail, tracks, beaches etc.
(M) Medium – bush tracks, alpine areas, some scrub.
(R) Rough – much scrub, steep climbs, rock scrambles.
(W) Wet – compulsory swims, many river crossings.

Ask questions especially if you are new to club walking.



(E) Easy – flat or gently undulating open areas, groomed trails.
(M) Medium – rolling terrain, some manoeuvring through treed areas, traverses on steep slopes.
(R) Rough – steep descents, long descents on narrow trails, limited choice of route because of rock outcrops or trees, exposed routes, high risk of icy conditions




(C) Complete Beginner – limited or no skills, requires instruction.
(B) Beginner – can snowplough, herringbone and traverse on gentle slopes.
(I) Intermediate – can step turn, traverse on any slope, do 180° turns, side slip and side step.
(A) Advanced – can stem christie, telemark or parallel, and ski the fall line on moderate or steeper slopes


Costs are presently 36 cents a kilometre per car, divided equally among ALL participants. This amount is a guide only and can be varied at the discretion of the leader depending on the condition of the roads, the number of passengers per car and other factors. The figures given for individual trips are rough estimates only, based on four people per car and other factors – costs may rise if cars are only partly filled. Park admission and camping fees are additional costs which leaders should list separately.


Every person taking part in a CBC activity must acknowledge that in participating in Club activities they do so voluntarily and may be exposed to risks that could lead to injury, illness or death or to loss of or damage to theiry property.

Prospective participants should check with the leader that they are capable of completing the proposed trip based on their previous experience, fitness and personal capabilities. Participants should also ask the leader what the trip entails and what food, equipment or special skills are required. Conversely, leaders should also ensure these points are checked and may reject an applicant they consider unsuitable for the trip.


The Club has a Search and Rescue Contact Officer and Area Contact Officers for quick response, or the President or Walks Secretary also are available for S&R contact.


There is a Check-in /Contact Officer for the Club. S/he (not the Police or other bodies) should be the first point of contact for worried relatives if you are late in returning from a trip. Leaders must also report the safe return OR cancellation of their trip to the Check-in Officer.


Take advantage of the excellent gear that the Club has available for hire before lashing out on your own equipment. The equipment available and current rates per weekend / week are as follows. Hirers are responsible for collecting and returning the equipment. A deposit of $20 is required and part or all of this will be refunded, depending on the condition of the items upon return or whether they are returned damaged, dirty or late.

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